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Post  RePR_KiLLeR11 on Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:11 pm

Hi i am from canada im 15, and here is my info about minecraft:

Why i think i should be?: I thinnk i should be a Moderator because i am hardworking,Helpful,Humerous and MOST inportant Friendly.
Bans?: Yes i have been temporarily banned for griefing it was my cousin though but it is my account and i am responsible
How much can i tolerate?: I can tolerate disrespect to me or anyone on a scale of 1-5 (i have been mod on another server) I give warning at three (cursing and or griefing) 4 Threat to ban (Griefing,Cursing and being disrespectfull to other users) 5 Ban (all listed repeatedly.
Tme Played Server?Minecraft?: Not long but i love this server and most of the users. I have been playing minecraft for 9 months it is great !.
Ever been in jail on a server?: No i have not been.
Meaning of grief?: To take or and or steal blocks that have not been placed by you if you have not been asked to.
More about ME!!!! I play sports and access minecraft when i can (3-9) hours a day (on summer break) I love minecraft and am great with people i love the server and the staff are great i am a straight a b student im not perfect or someone who is very proper i just wanted to send a formal request.


P.S thx for considerin What a Face


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