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Post  ross7thstreet on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:27 pm

IGN: ross7thstreet

Real Name (Just first, unless you want to post second) Ross Anderson

Age (please tell the truth, you will not be judged by your age) 14 years young

Location (just country or more if you want, not address derr) united kingdom,Sotland

How long have you been playing minecraft?since the game first launched

How long have you been on the server?about 4-6 months

Have you had experience as a mod/admin? (if so what servers)eclipsecraft and playhc.net

Why do you want to be a mod? I would like to be a mod to help people and just to have a good laugh but par that i want to help this server out alot and would be very grateful to be a mod on your server.

Why would we choose you to be a mod? i enjoy playing on your server plus where i live there is not alot to do but i love minecraft

What type of mod could you become? (forum mod or in game mod, any other types) i would be grateful if i could become a in game mod due to the fact im not very good on the fourms but do enjoy them but prefer in game. Very Happy

What are you capable of? ahha pun time but nah im capable of citizens. Smile

What can you not do? the shop sign and warp sign but oh well im only human i will try and figure out how to make them properly.

What would you do if you saw a griefer? kill him take the said items give them back to player and ban said greifer for a week plus no permissions for 1 month Smile

What would you do if you saw a hacker?i would ban the hacker staight away,use world edit to undo damage hacker did and give back items (e.g player items or damage said greifer did.

Any other information here: i have been on this server for quite a while now and even if u deny my application i will not stop playing and will keep trying till i am part of the staff

yours sincerely ross7thstreet afro


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